Medusa : floating body #3

“Medusa : floating body” in form of an video installation in the context of the exhibition “in order of appearance” at Kunstsammlung NRW / K21, Düsseldorf, 2020:

In the context of the exhibition “in order of appearance” at the Kunstsammlung NRW, the presentation of the artistic research and performance project “Medusa : floating body” focuses on the video installation whose images were created during the previous action on the Rhine.
The air mattresses made of robust PVC, which were conceived, manufactured and printed by the artists especially for the installation and which are based on the mattress from the action. The mattresses oscillate between image, reproduction, renewed object of action and exhibition furniture, which invites the visitors to look at them and lie on them at the same time. Lying on one of the mattresses, with the vertical view upwards, the inverted view of the drone, the viewer can perceive both at the same time, the previous performative action of the artists and the feeling of letting oneself drift inside the installation.
In addition to the examination on the level of content with the conception of a childlike, free and weightless floating moment, the visual level also reveals itself as a clear construction of such a floating state, which sometimes lets the viewer drift with him, but also lets him tip out again and again.

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